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The situation (and I dont mean the shore)

Today is already January 18th in Australia, and tomorrow marks the internet blackout protest held across the web from Wikipedia to WordPress (o.k. I guess those are just the “W”‘s), and of course- Bearandshark. If you read nothing else, please look up what is happening concerning the American PIPA and SOPA bills, or at very least watch the little video below. If you decide you are against these bills- stay off of the internet on the 18th (although it will be hard). This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, the guys who sit in the corporate offices and watch google analytics graphs all day will get the point and those dudes have some clout.

How I feel about the issue a.k.a. a little rant

Regardless of your political ideologies or party affiliation, this bill will affect the best thing about the internet, which is its flexibility and freedom. I would even argue that the internet is the strongest industry in American right now, to limit it now during a recession is a horrible idea. Further, the ideology of America is based on the freedom to create, even if it is offensive.

A core principal of law is that it must be enforceable, hence parking patrol and police officers. This law is not enforceable on a criminal level so it is relaying on enforcement on a civil level, which means more suing in America, just what we need. Moreover, it means that the “police” become the people with the resources to sue….big corporations. Apparently its easier to change laws than adapt your industry.

Im not endorsing internet piracy, in fact I dont participate in illegal downloading. This bill will not stop it anyway, it will just make people adapt the way they get it. Industries are adapting to deal with the internet, music artists are still rich and movies still make money. Vinyl Record sales are still climbing!

Hey, if you decide that this bill isn’t a bad thing and you cruise all over the web on the 18th thats o.k. too. In fact, I’d like to hear why you think its good. The only bad choice is to not look into it at all.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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