L.A.F.B.T.R.S. 7

The Shoes

The rain was surprisingly relentless.  Being from Oregon, and largely using a bike to get around for last couple of years, I realized a silly pride had built up inside of me, centered on my  transportation independence. Today was the day to have that pride smashed.

Tropical downpour usually only lasts a couple of minutes, at least thats what I told myself as I started to pedal to work. Waterproof Marmot jacket and fenders on my bike, I’d seen wet before, less equipped than this. I can beat it. Foolishness.

You see, in Sydney there are no bike roads, few bike lanes and little infrastructure for practical distanced rides. Primitive biking would be overstating it. Even homeless people dont like to ride bikes here. In fact, some brilliant city planner decided it would be a good idea to integrate the bus lanes and bike lane, you know two for one. So I found myself skidding down the bike/bus lane in the industrial district where I work, getting sprayed down like I was at a super soaker testing convention.

Collectively, the staff laughed at me. When I got to the warehouse, they could hear the water squashing in my shoes, my red shorts turned black. No way could I work. So I took my soaking mess across the street to the Op-shop (same one we scored the fridge at), and bought myself a new outfit for work. 13$ dollars in total and I got shoes and a pair of pants.

By the time I bought the new stuff and changed the sun was back. Lesson learned.

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