Psychic Sasquatch

In 1847, far before Washington was admitted to the union, explorer, painter, and anthropologist Paul Kane described a race of hairy wild men living at the peak of Mt. St. Helens. They were known as the skoocoom. The indigenous people described them as supernatural and cannibalistic creatures. Childern were instructed to not say their name lest the nocturnal creatures would come to steal them away in the night. These stories could not be dismissed as they were corroborated with stories from the Halkomelen tribe of the sásq’ets- a hairy beast that was known to steal salmon from their nets.

Unfortunately, indigenous knowledge was disregarded as fantasy until verified by modern technology. Enter Roger Patterson and Robert Grimlin who in 1969 recorded infamous footage in Bluff Creek, California. The footage shows a bipedal creature at least 8 feet high- striding away, only to give a melancholy glance over its sholder before disappearing into the bush.

Wether you believe it’s a legend, animal, or psychic being sent from space, I’ve been drawing it about once a week since coming to live and work ona Ranch in Northern California with an amazing art center. Here’s proof and other things I’ve worked on.

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