L.A.B.T.R.S. 5

The Fridge

The fridge was going to be a challenge, we knew it from day one. So we peeked around town, pricing it all out, trying to stay to our cheap or free budget. It was in a bright pink Op-shop, what we call thrift store, that we scored. 95 dollars for a fully functional fridge. Or so I was told.

After living like a freezer-less Pilgrim, I  was excited to get home and start freezing stuff, I couldnt wait to make a whole tray of ice cubes.

Wanting to show my manliness, I promised Linzay I would clean it all out, when I got home from work. Minty fresh. That was until I saw the thing.

Dirty and brown, it laid like a coffin in the back of The Beast (Alex’s car). It smelt like an old coffin too. I flashed back to my friends description of the old fridges they cleaned out after Hurricane Katrina. Gross. Still I was determined, dispite a rather long day at work, to get this thing spotless.

That was until I opened it and saw the baby cockroaches scatter. Their feast of old cucumber slices still integrated into the side of the vegitable shelf. To be honest, I was a bit mad that we paid even 95 bucks for something that had black mold in it, smelt like death and had food visibly melted to its guts. After the day I had, I couldn’t take it.

But thats the great thing about being married, you have someone else to get your back and clean out a cockroach infested, fridge of nastyness. “I dont mind the cockroaches,” She says, bottle of cleaner in one hand and smasher in the other ” But you can kill the spiders.”

Since she got it clean, its been the best damn fridge Ive seen.

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