Life as Found by the Roadside 3

The couch

Ahhhh, the couch, that ever so crucial focal point of a room. For us it was more of a matter of survival. Far too long we sat on the floor, ate on the floor, hung out on the floor had  parties on the floor. All hardwood fun and novelty until about day 10 or so.  It all changed with a phone call.

It was hurried and over a bad connection. “I think we got you a couch.” It was Chris, who looks like a young Kurt Cobain with permanent Ray Bans.

“What do you mean, think?”

“I mean, Rast and I found one laying out. Its stashed in the ally behind the bike shop.” Again in the ally, the proverbial hideout for my friend group, those unfit to deem ‘young professionals’.

“What do you mean ‘laying out’?” I was getting suspicious, because it sounded like Chris was trying to be sneaky. “I’ll meet you there in 10.”

I spotted The Beast, that unmistakably Orange 1980’s Land Cruiser roaring around, they picked me up half way. Chris and I move, rather quickly I might add,  and drag the sofa out to load into The Beast. I waited until we where in the car to hear the story.

“Rast and I where driving around and we saw this awesome thing sitting on the side walk so we picked it up and hid it,” He said it so quickly it took me a second.

“Councel cleanup for our neighborhood was last week.” I knew because Linz and I had been following Cleanup around the local suburbs for the last two weeks. “soooo….”

Chris’ smile is unfazed “I think we stole it.” He said it smiling, like a bank robber that got away.

I just laugh and shake my head “Stole it! From who? The sidewalk? You dont leave a couch out unless you want it to be taken or for it to get a tan.”

The only doubt in my mind is the fact it is in such good condition. Hopefully we can get the cigarette smell out.

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