#1 New Life (as found by the Roadside)

Our Muffler sounded as if it where the low end of broken pipe organ. Our Dim headlights and that dirty nose polluting the hallow streets. Alarming the sidewalk, a junk ridden rattler of the night. Beware you useless stacks of discarded things and unremarkable rags and bones. We are coming.

In a way this post is about kittens, but mostly its about surprises. When Rast and I headed out to look for surfboards we didnt expect to find a kitty clock, let alone a 3-d kitty clock with a vintage gold frame. Certainly, I didn’t expect to be able to fix it. But surprising things seem to happen during Counsel cleanup season, and this season was good.

Counsel clean up is one of the more un-American concepts I have had trouble wrapping my mind around down here. Twice a year residence are allowed to legally and responsibly, haul their unwanted, broken, trashy or perfectly good belonging down to the sidewalk, where it is collected by the local government and hauled off. At its core its anti-consumption, personal downsizing and generally contrary to hoarding possessions.Its the idea that less stuff is good. If anything, its a little bit communist. Helpful communists that take away your broken microwave or perfectly retro stereo. After a week of sitting on the floor in new modern apartment with literally no furniture, we decided we where going to furnish as much of our house as we could using this phenomenon. This micro project became about sustainability and inventive living but mostly its about having fun scrounging to get by.

So, with that, I must apologize for my lack of posting in the last month. But I hope you enjoy whats in the stack of things to come, because even I dont know what they are.

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