Trying the Long way or die of laziness

5AM. My eyes dont trust it. Shake the phone like an 8 ball, message remains the same- 5AM, better luck next time. I can already hear my roommates buzzing in the hall way, our little hive of a home starting to wake up. They put me up to this, the ones to blame and the ones to love, because no one else could get me up at this time. Knowing better, my snowboard gear is already packed. Breakfast, load up and drive. The bees make their way into the mountains, before the sun has a chance to rise.

Linzay and I hike, the others “skin”. Skinning is an ancient ski tradition, also known as touring, invented by some far more clever ancient type of people, who needed a way to go up hill (using seal skin on the bottom of their ski). It also keeps your butt looking good. In our little race, hiking is clearly losing, but at least we dont have to ride down the hill on skis. I call it break even.

The sweat pour off us, dispute predawn temperature. Pausing to catch our breath, the sky breaks into its orange and purple mess, though last nights lingering clouds. Cant help but smile, and continue walking, and therefore continue sweating. Our ride down is worth every drop, every turn on the ungroomed earned, like a surfer who paddles for his waves. Its easy to get removed from the reward and pure feeling of snowboarding without a lift. Its even easier to be removed from how beautiful it all is at 5am.

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