Mission 1

“Want to go on a mission bro?” Reon (my roomate) is in his usual shorts, slippers and hoodie despite the cold damp air that lives in our hallway. On mornings like this it seems colder in our house than outside. Proof of that claim lives on the top of the mountains which frame our living room window. Morning is just starting to break, leaving them golden instead of their usual winter white. Winter has been in no hurry to visit our valley. Since snow shredding isn’t an option, and I’m not one to say no, we are off to the bike house to meet up with the boys.

Six guys, five bikes , countless gas station meat pies,two hours of driving, lots of green hills and sheep. A recipe for the day at the Fruit Farm. The Farm is renowned in Southland, you know, that  very bottom of New Zealand which is also known locally for its ice cream and Swedes (a big potato that sheep eat in the winter). The farm is a functional sheep farm (no surprise), as well as a pretty epic spot to ride bikes. Three brothers built the jump and motocross tracks by hand. The brothers took some time off to come out and ride with us. Farmers and amazing dirt track jumpers, what a skill set.

It was my first time shooting bike pictures but it made me hungry for the season to finally arrive. Slowly, the clouds moved in, thick and grey and I saw something familiar. Rain.


– No slippers needed-

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